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There are a few contractors in the Central Valley whose primary business is installing aluminum patio covers. Most of them are pretty good at installing basic rectangular patio covers. There are a lot of Jack-Of-All-Trade contractors who install a few patio covers each year. For those of you that want a unique, one of a kind design, there truly is one company that can turn your idea into a reality - Central Valley Awning. Before I got my contractor's license 20 years ago, I was a Mechanical Design Engineer. I design structurally sound patio covers like no other. Some of the patio covers we build are so awesome I won't put photos of them on the internet because I don't want other companies to gain knowledge from us.

If you want a truly awesome patio cover, you really should give us a call.
Other contractors will look at these photos and tell you they can build it.

Do you want your patio cover to be their first attempt at it?

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